Benefits of MCMS and PAMED Membership

You benefit as the society provides a forum for physicians to work collectively for the profession, patients and practice.

Becoming a member of the county medical society is another opportunity to network with physicians and learn the nuts and bolts of the profession. Membership is free to students and residents.

The county medical society is an integral partner with the Pennsylvania Medical Society. As a member of both medical societies, your benefits include:
  • Reimbursement for CME courses for young physicians under 45 as stipulated in the Howard F. Pyfer Fund
  • MCMS Speakers Bureau provides members an opportunity to connect with your community by volunteering to educate others on health related issues
  • Medical-Legal Committee provides a forum for physicians and attorneys to discuss issues of common interest
  • Annual Dinner with Montgomery County legislators. Local county involvement with other health-related agencies and human services
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills through MCMS task forces, councils and commissions
  • Annual Docs on Call Program with a local television station.
  • Weekly updates through the electronic newsletter – The Pulse
  • Eager staff to assist physicians, both locally and statewide
  • Patient safety and risk management CME plus online CME tracker through the state society
  • Physician reimbursement information and guidance form the PAMED practice economics and payer relations staff
  • Advocate for third party payers, Medicare, Medicaid and other issues of importance to physicians
  • Several publications to keep you informed about political, practice management and patient issues
  • Useful web site, Job Bank, online store, legislative contacts and the list goes on...

In essence, the society provides a forum for physicians to work collectively for the profession, patients and practice.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society also provides a forum, the Women's Physician SectionMedical Student SectionEarly Career Physicians Section, and the Resident and Fellow Section for students, residents and fellows in Pennsylvania to express their concerns and work together on solutions to common problems.