Montgomery County Medical Society Advertising Policy

Montgomery County Medical Society offers event advertising on its website and in monthly email blasts to its members. All events must meet the following parameters:

  • It must be information that is beneficial to Physicians and/or their patients
  • It must be consistent with the MCMS mission
  • It should be consistent with the policies and position of the MCMS and PAMED
  • All events will include the following disclaimer: The events below are not affiliated or endorsed by MCMS.  MCMS assumes no responsibility for the event, topics, or supporters.  Content, recommendations, and opinions presented during the event are solely those of the speaker and/or the provider/sponsor.  They do not represent the position of or endorsement of MCMS.  These events are being shared with MCMS members for informational purposes only.

CME Events

  • If there is a cost associated with the event:
    • Option 1: Website listing - $50.00 flat rate.
    • Option 2: Bi-weekly e-blast - 10% registration discount for MCMS members, plus $50.00 flat rate fee for a website listing.
  • If the CME is free:
    • There will be no charge. Event will be listed on the website and sent out in the bi-weekly e-blast.

Non-CME Events

  • Events with registration fee:
    • $100 – we will advertise on the website up to six months before the event.
  • Free events:
    • We will advertise the event for free on the website. It will not be included in bi-weekly e-blast.

Other advertising opportunities are available. Email